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Health and Physical Education

Specialist Health and Physical Education program

Parkwood Green Primary Schools specialist Physical Education program lets children experience the fun of fitness, health, teamwork, setting goals and achieving their personal best.

Each child at Parkwood Green participates in a Physical Education session of 50 minutes per week with classroom teachers providing extra sport sessions.

The large synthetic soccer field and multi-purpose gym provide great spaces for a wide range of sports and physical activities.

The Physical Education program is designed to build on the skills of each grade level:

·       PREP: Introduces and develops Fundamental Motor Skills through involvement in a range of activities including catching, bouncing, kicking and gymnastics.

·       GRADES 1 & 2: Builds on the Fundamental Motor Skills acquired from Prep through exercises such as soccer and punt kicks, forehand strike games and underarm throw.

·       GRADES 3 & 4: Progressively develops Motor Skills as students participate in athletics and sports specific games.

·       GRADES 5 & 6: Advances development of junior and middle years skills through sports including invasion games, net games, fielding and hitting games, cross country and fitness and endurance activities.



·       All students participate in our House Athletics and Cross Country Carnivals.

·       A two week swimming program is offered at each year level.

·       Students in Grade 6 represent the school at both winter and summer Interschool Sports.

·       A Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) runs for students in the Junior Sub School.

·       Grades 2 - 6 participate in weekly Year Level Sport Sessions


·       Many of our students go on to represent Parkwood Green at district, regional and state level for a variety of sports including swimming, athletics and cross country.