Performing Arts

Performing Arts at Parkwood green

Students at Parkwood Green Primary School participate in weekly Performing Arts sessions in which our teachers work with students to both engage creative thought, while nurturing skills in the Performing Arts. 

 Students participate in a large variety of activities while in the classroom such as; basic rhythmic notation, compositions and dramatic films, animations and advertisements using a variety of applications and programs via technology. Through participation in all areas of performing arts, students are able to develop the skills of curiosity, imagination and creativity.

 Moreover, students develop skills in choreographed performance through dance and drama. They will learn about focus, space, voice, movement, setting, time and space, cultural and the socials areas in drama. Furthermore, students will listen to and explore songs, music and musicians from different genres, cultures and eras.

 Externally, students are able to participate in an instrumental music program run by Darley Music. Students can showcase their learning through the annual Music Soiree and the whole school Christmas Concert.